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California Hard Money Loans company is able to funding within 7-10 days because of this many customer prefer to take loans from private financial lenders and we are one them so why are you California Hard money is a great way to target big investment on your first and second trust deed..

Val-Chris Investments, Inc. has been serving California since 1975, specializing in both residential and commercial loans, as well as trust deed purchases. We are a private money lender providing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trust deeds. Our dedicated staff has over 60 years of real estate experience.

Terms. A typical hard-money lender will lend, on average, 65 percent of the after-repaired value of a property. The hard-money loan has to be in the first lien position, So individuals looking to.

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Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas filed a lawsuit in 2017 to begin foreclosure proceedings on the two buildings, claiming Second Succession LLC, which holds the deed for Town Centre. Bank first.

Private Money Loans and Trust Deed Investments. Welcome to Golden Capital Group, we are a direct private money lender with offices in Newport Beach, California and Bend, Oregon. Second Trust Deed for $490,000 @ 12% interest only for 2 years with a 6 month prepayment penalty. Value based on appraisal is $1,800,000. Combined Loan to value is 60%.

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Over the past year, we at First Capital Trust Deeds have been originating more and more owner occupied hard money second mortgages all throughout California (here, here, here, here). Our borrower clients have been pretty strong with 650+ fico scores and verifiable W-2 or self-employment income that shows their ability to repay the loans.

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